It's time to finish your fiction book!  


You've wanted to write a book for weeks, months or maybe even years, but... 

  • Life is busy as hell and you can't see how you'll find time to write. 
  • You just don't know where or how to start. 
  • You have a story idea but you're not sure about the next steps. 
  • Fear, doubts, or other blocks stop you every time you start to write. 
  • You start and stop, but just can seem to stay focused and write consistently. 

You just can't seem to get your book written, even though you've tried ALL. THE. THINGS. 


-Watched all the YouTube videos with how to write your book.

-Own every book on the craft of writing your book from start to finish.

-Listen to everything podcast out there about how to write your fiction book. 

-Maybe you've even signed up for countless online writing courses for how to write your book. 


You're starting to wonder if you're meant to be a writer or FINISH the book that's on your heart to write. You're feeling like: 

"You're just not motivated enough." 

"You'll never overcome the fears that stop you from writing." 

"I'm not cut out to write books."


  • Being confident every time you sat down to work on your book.
  • Having clarity about writing and editing your book.
  • Launching your book and sharing your stories with the world.
  • Creating the writing life you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Having writing time that fit your life so you can write more books.  



It's possible! But, my writing journey didn't happen overnight.

I spent over ten years working on various story ideas and received tons of rejection letters in my twenties. I was frustrated and fed up, and came close to quitting more times than I can remember.

I knew things had to change, but where did I start?

I knew I couldn't continue doing it alone anymore, so I invested in a writing conference and online workshops. And it worked!

By 2012 my first book was traditionally published, I self-published 5 books, and became a full-time writer.



Elke Feuer

Elke has over 8 years of experience in the traditional and self-publishing, and freelance writing industry.

Her 18 years in the project management industry helped her to develop the systems and processes for writing books from start to publication.

Her WRITE THE DAMN BOOK group coaching program helps you to write, edit, and launch your fiction book.

I do this differently because I help you to...

  1. Increase your confidence: Gain strategies to ditch your writing blocks, create a new mindset, remain focused, and have successful writing sessions.
  2. Focus and support with a roadmap for writing your books: Everything you need to write your book with a structure that meets you where you’re at and guides you with short video content and resources to help you write and edit your book.
  3. Accountability: Find REAL time in your busy schedule to write, coaching calls with Elke to check on your progress and keep you on track, and strategies to manage all areas of your life.


I know the amazing writer that's underneath the excuses, self-doubt, and fear.

Let me help you chisel them out.

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Alyson Medeiros

"I’ve been talking about writing a book forever, so when I saw “Write the Damn Book” I knew it was for me. Not only did Elke give me the encouragement I needed to stay on track, she taught me the importance of goal setting, the organizational elements required behind the actual “writing” of the book, and how to be accountable to myself and my story. The group coaching sessions were full of tips and tricks. It was very helpful to see the questions, struggles and triumphs of the other participants. As I told Elke, we often don’t know what we don’t know, so her insight and experience was truly valuable. I would highly recommend Write the Damn Book – Group Coaching to anyone who wants to stop talking about their book and start writing it. It has given me the momentum I needed. I am still writing and have implemented a weekly writing schedule that fits perfectly into my life."

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Glenda Jack

"I am a new travel blogger, content creator and magazine contributor.  I am motivated to write more and better, in a structured and disciplined manner. Elke delivered as promised and provided material which helps me hone my craft.

I continue to take advantage of the writing tips Elke shares on social media. I encourage budding writers, to participate in her workshops and online coaching opportunities."


You're a fiction writers who have a story idea and looking for help to finish writing, editing, and launching it.

You started writing your book weeks, months or maybe even years ago, and you're ready to finish it.

You've been saying you'll write a book every year and you’re ready to stop talking and not only start but finish writing it.

You’re ready to ditch your fear, doubt, and other blocks that keep you from writing your book.


Non-Fiction writers looking to write a book to grow their business.

Fiction writers looking for someone to provide developmental editing while writing their books.

Children’s picture book writers.

Non-Fiction writers writing a memoir, self-help or other types of non-fiction books.

Do you want to create the writing life of your dreams and learn how to create a consistent, successful process for writing your books?


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Get the focus, support, and accountability you need to finish your book!

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